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  • coronavirus molecule COVID-19 TESTING 101 - AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER GREGG DENICOLA MD One of the most heated topics when reviewing patient feedback on our blog involves COVID-19 testing and the length of time to receive results as well as the availability of tests. We sympathize on the turn-around time complaints as we are as anxious to get...  read more
  • Black and yellow image to designate doctor blog post COVID-19 IMPORTANT UPDATES FROM OUR CMO - AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR CMO (CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER) GREGG DENICOLA MD There is a new phrase I've noticed being used regularly. It used to be when discussing travel plans and logistics, we would refer to a time frame.  “Want to plan a vacation?” Maybe in the fall!“Try the new sushi place?” Let’s go next month!“Go wine tasting?”...  read more
  • coronavirus molecule COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS LATEST UPDATES AND FAQ'S - AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM OUR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER GREGG DENICOLA MD Published 3-16-2020 It is impossible to turn on TV or engage on any social media platforms without being informed about the Covid-19 crisis, thus we felt it best to use the newest update in an “FAQ format.”   Q: Are things getting better at all? How...  read more
  • coronavirus molecule COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) TESTING NOW AVAILABLE - BREAKING NEWS FOR LA/OC/RIVERSIDE county residents – Caduceus Medical Group will now be offering Coronavirus COVID-19 curbside testing and medical travel clearances. A few COVID-19 facts: • The virus is NOT slowing down. A month ago the WHO (World Health Organization) was publishing 1000 new cases a day. Two weeks ago, 2000. As of this morning,...  read more
  • coronavirus molecule Coronavirus-What You Need to Know - As Chief Medical Officer I am asked daily about advice to Caduceus patients about the Coronavirus; now called Covid-19.  Wanting to keep the advice timely and factual, it is very difficult to separate the facts from hysteria. But someone has to do it, so here are the recommendations for Caduceus patients from the CMO. First...  read more
  • Injection drawing How effective was the flu vaccine this season? - Does the flu vaccine cover A or B or both? Many patients have inquired about the efficacy of this season's flu vaccine. The flu shot designed by the CDC in cooperation with other countries covered both A and B. But because there are new strains every year, they are basically making a best hypothesis on...  read more
  • FDA proposes rule to notify women with dense breasts about increased cancer risk and imprecise mammograms - The FDA is proposing a rule for breast cancer screenings that would require doctors to give women more information about the risks associated with dense breasts.  Read the full article here. Caduceus Chief Medical Officer, Gregg DeNicola MD, shares his take for our patients. “Informing women that their amount of breast density may affect results of...  read more
  • Sign with Hormone Replacement Therapy on it Hormone replacement therapy for women- Is it right for you? - There have been many recent articles and online buzz about hormone replacement therapy for women and our Chief Medical Officer and Caduceus physician Gregg DeNicola MD wanted to weigh in on the discussion. To provide some perspective, in 2002, an extensive study of over 16,000 women supported by the National Institutes of Health, was halted...  read more
  • Sign that says food allergies surrounded by food Millions of Americans incorrectly think they have food allergies, study finds - You may have read the story recently that new research suggests Americans may be over-diagnosing themselves with food allergies. A study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open estimates that nearly 19 percent of adults think they have food allergies, but less than 11 percent actually do. Caduceus Chief Medical Officer Gregg Denicola MD adds, “I have felt this way...  read more
  • The word Allergy on top of peanuts New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows ‘Lifesaving’ Potential - Results from a new study may lead to approval of what could be the first drug that ameliorates potentially deadly reactions in children with severe peanut allergies.  Caduceus physician and Chief Medical Officer Gregg DeNicola MD weighs in, “I agree with the spirit of the article; a breakthrough and very promising, but not necessarily a...  read more
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