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Cash Prices

Cash prices offered require payment at the time of service, and are available to only those patients without health insurance coverage for the service. Patients with HSA plans (high deductible PPOs) are not eligible for cash prices for covered services because an HSA is a part of a PPO insurance plan.Laboratory tests, radiology, imaging, x-rays, pap smear and pathology specimen readings are NOT included in cash pricing.  You may receive a bill for these services from an outside party.

In-Office and Video Visits (Includes Covid-19 Packages)

Routine Office Visit, Well Child Check $89
Same Day Video Visit $44
Future Appointment Video Visit $69
Video Visit and Covid-19 Swab $69
Video Visit and Expedited Covid-19 Swab $233
Expedited Covid-19 Swab Only $189
Video Visit and Fingerstick/Venipuncture Antibody Test $99/109
Return on Test Video Visit for Positive Swab or Antibody Results $44
Video visit, Fingerstick/Venipuncture Antibody Test, and Covid-19 Swab $129/139
Fingerstick/Venipuncture Antibody Test (If not covered by your health plan) $75/$85
Specialty Consultation $159
     —Follow Up $89
  • CPE (Complete Physical Exam)
  • Well Woman Exam
  • Pre-Employment Physical
Camp/Sports Physical $50
Copy of Medical Record $50
  • MA Visit (Medical Assistant)
  • Form Fee (not accompanied by exam)
  • Storage Retrieval

Surgeries & Procedures

Simple Mole/Lesion Removal $225
     —Each Addt'l Mole/Lesion $118
  • Wart Removal
  • Skin Tag Removal(Liq. Nitrogen)Up to 10
  • Incision & Drainage (abcess)
Ear Lavage $89
Nail Removal/Trimming $159
Circumcision $399
Vasectomy $799
IUD, with Insertion $1600
Frenulum Clipping $356
Breathing Treatment, Includes Medication $44
Essure—Permanent Birth Control $2932

Laboratory Services

All Individual Labs
Go to for full list of pricing


Flu Shots
     —6 months-64 years $35
     —65 years + $69
TB $40
Tenivac $49
  • Vaqta (Hep A) Pediatric
  • Recombivax (Hep B) Pediatric & Adult
  • Tdap
  • Pedvax HIB
RhoGAM $109
Pneumovax (Pneumococcal)
  • Havrix (Hep A) Adult
  • Meningitis
  • Rotavirus
  • Varicella
Meningitis B $150
Prevnar 13 $220
  • HPV (Gardasil)
  • MMRV
  • Zostavax


  • Trigger Point and Joint Injection
  • Rhogam
Depo Provera (Birth Control) $89
Testosterone (Standard Dose) $20
B-12 (Standard Dose) $20
B-12 & Testosterone (2 in 1) $25
Rocephin $49


Covid-19 Fingerstick/Venipuncture Antibody $75/85
Rapid Flu Swab $20
Rapid Strep Test $20
X-Rays $99
EKG $89
     —Without contrast $488
     —With contrast $588
Dexascan $159
Colonoscopy Screening (includes Consult, Labs Extra) $359
Ultrasound (all non-cardio) $159
Ultrasound NT $289
2D/3D/4D Ultrasounds
     —Basic Gender $40
     —Platinum Gender $50
     —Basic 3D/4D Package $99
     —Platinum 3D/4D Package $115
     —Early Pregnancy- (first trimester)

  • A first peek into your pregnancy!
  • Just the size of a blueberry, your baby’s beating heart can be seen as early as six weeks
  • Accurate age and due date are determined at this stage
     —Nuchal Translucency- (between 11.2-14.1 weeks)

  • At only three inches long, your baby will now start to form
  • The screening test is important to determine risks for Down’s Syndrome and other conditions
  • Complimentary 4D DVD, CD, and pics are provided
  • Sometimes it is possible to tell the gender at this stage!
     —Fetal Anatomy Sonogram- (between 18-40 weeks)

  • Our anatomical ultrasounds are detailed scans of your baby’s brain, spine, heart, and placenta
  • Complimentary 4D DVD, CD, and pics are provided
     —Biophysical Profile- (third trimester)

  • Our biophysical profile scan checks fetal weight, heart rate, amniotic fluid and fetal movement
  • Complimentary 4D DVD, CD, and pics are provided
Cardio Stress (Treadmill) $159
Cardiac Stress Echo $399
Cardiac Echo, Carotid Duplex or Holter Monitor $266
Ambulatory Blood Pressure $88

Physical Therapy

Evaluation + Treatment $100
     —Follow-up treatment $75
Massage Therapy (30 Minutes) $40
Massage Therapy (60 Minutes) $75
Massage Therapy (90 Minutes) $100
Massage Therapy (120 Minutes) $130
OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) Per Area $66

Dietary Consult

Initial Assessment $65
     —Follow-Up $45