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Caduceus is a community-based multi-specialty medical group practice and management services company.

Caduceus is owned by its doctors and is unique in its independence from interference by health plans or hospitals. Caduceus utilizes guaranteed access to care as a cornerstone of its philosophy. SAME DAY VISITS and ONLINE CONCIERGE SERVICES are an example of the innovative approach Caduceus takes to the delivery of health care. Caduceus encourages communication with patients through its smartphone App (iPhone or Android), and seeks to educate its patients through the monthly e-newsletter.

Many of our patients have been with our doctors for more than 20 years. We are proud to be your preferred physicians of choice.

Our Credos

  1. We will see you for your medical problem the same day you call or walk in – even if it is not urgent.
  2. We will refer you to only specialists that we would see ourselves.
  3. We will supply to you a listing of our cash prices upon request.
  4. We accept no financial subsidies from potential conflict of interest sources such as a hospital, HMO or pharmaceutical company.
  5. We keep our physicians up-to-date by paying for regular continuing medical education.
  6. We invite all constructive comments and will thoroughly investigate each, as well as communicate the results to you in writing.
  7. We will assist you in appealing a denial from a health plan for a service that is medically necessary.
  8. We will assist you in deciphering the “Explanation of Benefits” – or any other bill from your health plan – upon your request.
  9. We support your right to know your treatment options and take pride in assisting you regarding decisions about your health care.
  10. We will refrain from dubious practices such as selling vitamin supplements, anti-oxidants, Botox, detoxification agents, hair analysis, unproven weight loss supplements, unproven anti-aging or any offering other enticements toward needless consumption.