Office Visits

TO SCHEDULE A FUTURE IN-OFFICE VISIT- Choose your location, pick your provider, choose an in-office appointment or telehealth video visit from your phone, select the type of appointment, then select the date and time and confirm it. If you do not see your preferred physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant listed please email to have a staff member contact you to reserve an appointment either in-office or a telehealth video visit from our phone. 

If you choose your provider and message displays "no appointments available at this time," also email and we will contact you directly to get you squared away with an appointment. To report any technical issues with the website, app, or your patient portal account, please email support.

If you prefer to call please use our toll-free dedicated appointment line, 844-807-8558.

Yorba Linda

Primary Care/Family Practice-

Mike Hall MD

Dr. Michael Hall - MD

Dan May MD

Dr. Daniel May - MD

Dennis Ponzio MD

Dr. Dennis Ponzio - MD

Olesya Brissey MD

Dr. Olesya Brissey - MD

Alyssa Tonelli DO

Dr. Alyssa Tonelli - DO

Jeff Goodale PA-C

Jeff Goodale, PA

Amanda May PA-C

Amanda May, PAC

Andrea Weinstein PA-C

Andrea Weinstein, PA

Caduceus Specialty-

Paul Weinstein MD

Dr. Paul Weinstein - MD

Trevor Holloway PA-C

Trevor Holloway, PA

Michael Tran MD

Dr. Michael Tran - MD

Essam Quraishi MD

Dr. Essam Quraishi - MD

Brian Riff MD

Dr. Brian Riff - MD
General Surgery

Felix Gaw MD

Dr. Felix Gaw - MD

Azita Mesbah MD

Dr. Azita Mesbah - MD

Veena Charu MD

Dr. Veena Charu - MD

David Flood MD

Dr. David Flood - MD

Leslie Shokes MD

Dr. Leslie Shokes - MD
Pain Management

Rob Kwok MD

Dr. Rob Kwok - MD
Plastic Surgery

Taylor Pollei MD

Dr. Taylor Pollei - MD

Kelvin Nguyen DPM

Dr. Paul Weinstein - MD

Mark Chung MD

Dr. Mark Chung - MD

For Caduceus for Women-

Robert Borrowdale MD

Dr. Robert Borrowdale - MD

Nathaniel DeNicola MD

Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola - MD

Roma Ahmed FNP

Roma Ahmed, NP

Alicia Clark PA-C

Alicia Clark, PA

Christina Yarwood PA-C

Christina Yarwood, PA

For Caduceus 4 Kids-

Azza Ayad MD

Dr. Azza Ayad - MD

Donna Hines MD

Dr. Donna Hines - MD

Syeda Saba MD

Dr. Syeda N Saba - MD

Cyndy Krepps-Hoffer DNP

Cyndy Krepps-Hoffer, DNP

Back in Motion Physical Therapy-

Edwal Pierre DPT

Dr. Edwal Pierre - DPT

For other Caduceus 4 Kids providers, Caduceus Specialty, and All Other Services

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Caduceus for Women

Roma Ahmed FNP

Roma Ahmed, NP


For Primary Care-

Carlos Sobral MD

Dr. Carlos Sobral - MD
Caduceus for Women-

Nathaniel Denicola MD

Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola - MD

Mohammad Rassouli MD

Dr. Mohammad E. Rassouli - MD

James Pearle MD
Dr. James Pearle - MD

For Other Specialists and Diagnostic Services-

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Laguna Beach

For Primary Care-

John Sanguedolce MD

Dr. John Sanguedolce - MD

Connie Bouvier PA-C

Dr. Connie Bouvier - PhD