CMO Patient Blog- Hurricane Hilary Safety Tips

August 18, 2023

To Caduceus patients and the community:

At present, Hurricane Hilary is due to reach Southern California in the next two days and is projected to be the most intense tropical storm we have seen in 80 years. This would include heavy rainfall, severe winds, and power outages.

While hurricane projections can vary widely (as I remembered well from my residency in New Orleans), here are some safety tips if hazardous conditions do occur.

  • Use caution when going outdoors and avoid driving in torrential rains. Southern California roads are not accustomed to hurricane-level amounts of water.
  • Be aware of slick surfaces that can lead to a fall. Caduceus has been offering Fall Prevention Screening to all patients – you may be surprised by your actual risk. For example, 1 in 4 pregnant women experience a fall during their pregnancy.
  • Avoid hazardous conditions by scheduling a video visit online, request in your patient portal, by live chat from our website, or our dedicated appointment line at 844-807-8558.
  • For Caduceus 4 Women patients: take advantage of our remote monitoring services with e-Lovu health to track mom’s blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your home.
  • Protect your indoor environment by securing loose doors, windows, or other openings.
  • For patients with respiratory disease, like asthma, or severe allergies – avoid being outdoors during times of high winds. This could be worse than the typical Santa Ana winds.
  • Check that you have medication refills to last you one week. If you need a refill, contact your provider through your patient portal.
  • Prepare a “go bag” in the case of evacuation or extended time without power:

-Phone and computer chargers plus pre-charged battery packs

-Drinking water

-Non-perishable food and snacks

-Games that don’t require electricity

-First-aid kit

  • Follow Caduceus on social media for health alerts and as a backup if phone lines are down:

-Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Of course we hope this is all “full of sound a fury, signifying nothing” but Caduceus is here for you, rain or shine!

Nathaniel DeNicola, MD, MSHP, FACOG
Chief Medical Officer | Caduceus Medical Group