Special Programs

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Pre-employment/Executive Physicals

These are scheduled through our “Appointments” feature, using the “Specialty Care” form submission.

Pre-Employment/Executive Physicals are examinations required by employers, but often not covered by employer’s insurance. The physical normally includes a thorough history intake and a physical exam appropriate for the patient. The test generally will include an EKG, patient-appropriate lab work, and may also involve additional ancillary services. Please see our “Cash Prices” list for fee information.

School Physicals

School “Sports Physicals” are not typically covered by insurance companies; check with your insurer regarding benefits. Each school has its own form for completion by the physician; this form must be brought to the appointment.

The physical examination required by many schools is not a substitute for a full physical examination. Typically, school physicals are specifically for participation in school-sponsored sports programs such as football, basketballl, soccer, etc.

The School Physical fee includes form completion only when the form is present at the examination.

If your child has had a recent annual physical and/or needs a school form completed, there is a separate fee for this service. Please see our “Cash Prices” list for fee information.

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