Monoclonal Antibodies Now Available Through PDQ Urgent Care & More Orange County

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December 21, 2021


Caduceus Medical Group’s urgent care PDQ Urgent Care & More, in partnership with Infusion IV Hydration & Injection Therapy, have arranged for monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron (Casivirimab/Imdevimab) to be available to its eligible patients with Covid-19.

As they say on Channel 13, supplies are limited; we are optimistic we can continue to replenish our allotment when needed.

This is an important addition to our regime against Covid-19. As we strive for best outcomes during the current large spike in cases, these antibodies may mean the difference between home and hospital.

Perhaps even life and death. Here is what you need to know.

  1.  Monoclonal antibodies are FDA authorized via emergency use, but not yet FDA "approved.” Our experience at Caduceus has shown excellent results to date.

  2.  Strict criteria must be followed. There are quite a few, but the Big 3 are:

  • Age 12 or over.
  • Given no more than 10 days from start of symptoms.
  •  For mild to moderate PCR positive cases that have a strong likelihood of progressing to a severe cases.

   3.  Two telehealth visits are required- one prior to treatment to qualify, and a second a few days after treatment for follow up.

   4.  The antibodies themselves are at no charge. The telehealth visits are billed to insurance (or charged a reasonable cash price). The actual infusion is performed through Infusion, (makes sense right?), at PDQ Urgent Care & More and incurs an administration fee. Insurance is NOT billed for the infusion fee.

   5.  The antibodies are delivered through IV infusion, or via injection. Most experts feel the IV infusion is preferred.
It has been very difficult for our Covid-19 team to find centers offering the antibodies within that 10 day window. We are pleased to offer this Christmas present to our loyal patients, although hopefully it’s a present you won’t have to open.

Remember it is important to get your vaccination, or booster, or at least check your antibody counts before your holiday gatherings. It is no coincidence this current surge is three weeks from Thanksgiving. Let’s not see a January surge among ourselves. It’s easy to get protected.

But now, should you be unfortunate enough to test positive, we may be able to treat you with monoclonal antibodies at PDQ and keep you out of the hospital.

To arrange for this treatment, go to Live Chat on the PDQ Urgent Care & More website or PDQ app or email our Covid team.

To ask any medical questions about this therapy, send us a MouseCall.


Gregg DeNicola MD Chief Medical Officer
Caduceus Medical Group, PDQ Urgent Care & More, PDQ Telehealth


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