Latest Covid Treatment FAQ’s Orange County

covid Monoclonal antibody vial and

ANNOUNCEMENT from CMO- A woman calls a law firm,“This is Schwartz, Schwartz, and Schwartz. How may I help you?”“I would like to talk with Mr. Schwartz.”“Oh sorry; he is in court all day.” “OK, in that case let me speak to Mr. Schwartz.”“Apologies. He is on vacation.” “Then let me speak to Mr. Schwartz.” “Speaking!”…

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Monoclonal Antibodies Now Available Through PDQ Urgent Care & More Orange County

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ANNOUNCMENT from CMO- Caduceus Medical Group’s urgent care PDQ Urgent Care & More, in partnership with Infusion IV Hydration & Injection Therapy, have arranged for monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron (Casivirimab/Imdevimab) to be available to its eligible patients with Covid-19. As they say on Channel 13, supplies are limited; we are optimistic we can continue to…

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