Laura Rigby NP Laguna Beach Primary Care

Laura Rigby is a nurse practitioner at Caduceus on Thalia. She started as a biochemist doing research with genes causing cancer and teaching Chemistry.  She has always been interested in medicine and was influenced by her mother, who was a nurse, and by her uncle who was a physician.  She specialized in teaching chemistry to nurses, and then chose to practice nursing.

Laura has been working as a Nurse Practitioner for several years, starting in an urgent care setting with patients of all ages. She has always had a passion for urgent care but believes family practice affords her a more holistic approach to medical care and can treat both chronic and acute illnesses. For the past few years, she has been working in a family practice setting specializing in geriatric medicine.  Her patient base encompasses ages 18 to 95+.  She has had the privilege of treating healthy geriatrics in their 90’s and still doing well and living their best lives!

She enjoys discussing and promoting healthy aging, wellness, and preventive care in the community.