Yoga, Mindfulness, & Reiki

Yoga, mindfulness, and Reiki energy work are effective practices
that promote the mind/body connection and an important part of preventative and restorative care.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a practice that aims to unify the breath and the movements of the body in order to become more mindful and present with the world around us.

What is meditation*?
Meditation is the practice of calming one’s thoughts utilizing breathing techniques and awareness in order to reach peace of mind.

What is Reiki*?
            Reiki is a Japanese healing modality used in many medical centers in the US, including Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. It is not specifically a religious practice, rather it utilizes principles similar to Tai Chi (Chi or Qi) where practitioners use their hands to scan the body and encourage the release of stagnant energy. The “ki” in Reiki actually comes from Qi or Chi, meaning “energy” and can help the body ease pain, discomfort, stress, or simply for relaxation. Reiki is a compliment to traditional western medicine and the healing art services licensed by the state of California. As a complementary service, Reiki does not require licensing in California.

Though traditionally a hands-free modality, with our current understanding of the therapeutic benefit of touch, patients may choose to receive hands-on reiki as well. The reiki practitioner will hover or lightly place their hands along energetic lines in the body (similar to the lines used in acupuncture) to promote the body’s ability to restore itself.

What to Expect in a Reiki Session.  
You’ll be resting on a reiki table which allows you to lie down or sit up based on what is comfortable for you. You will remain fully clothed with the option of removing your shoes. You’ll be guided through a short breathing exercise, and then the reiki will begin. What you experience throughout the session varies for each individual. Where is some may feel sensations of warmth, others may experience cooling sensations. After the session, you may feel relaxed and rested, energized and awake, or balanced. Each experience is unique, and the beauty of Reiki is that there are no harmful side effects or risks.

Description of Services: (View cash price list for these services.)

Intro to Meditation (30min)

This introductory session allows you to ease into a meditation practice regardless of prior experience. You will learn the fundamentals of meditation allowing you to build your own personal practice or comfortably join a group practice.

Meditation & Breathwork (45min)

With the intention of easing stress, we will train ourselves to connect to deep expansive breaths, helping to calm the mind and prepare the body for meditation. We will move through a meditation based on your preference, whether for stress reduction, pain management, or cultivating mindfulness.

Reiki (1 hr) (+Add Meditation & Sound Therapy 1hr 20min)

Using this Japanese form of energy work, we focus on clearing physical and emotional stress to encourage restoration of the body and mind. Traditionally, the reiki practitioner allows their hands to rest above the body, but with our current understanding of the therapeutic benefit of touch, you make choose whether you would like your sessions to be hands-on or off based on your comfort.

Couple’s Connection Class (1hr 20min)

Focused on connection-based practices and personalized to each couple, we will move through things like eye-contact meditation, yoga, visualizations, and meditations to build a deeper sense of connection beyond day-to-day interactions.

Restorative Yoga with Thai Compression (1hr)  (+Add Reiki 1hr 20 min)

In this one-on-one treatment, you will be guided through restful and grounding postures using bolsters, blankets, and blocks to fully support the body. Implementing the therapeutic power of touch, I apply light, soothing pressure on the body to help you fully release and rest.

Restorative and Yin Yoga (1hr 20 min)

Starting in postures with very light stretches, you will be fully supported with bolsters and block while being guided through a sequence to help the mind and body relax. If you are comfortable with hands-on touch I will use light pressure to help the body relax. We will then move into the yin series of deeper stretches focusing on the spots in the body that tend to hold the most tension like the lower back, hips, and shoulders. You will leave feeling relaxed and open.         

Vinyasa Yoga (1hr or 1hr 20min)

A physical practice where you will be led through flowing postures to help strengthen the body and mind. Open to all levels, each session is adapted to your personal ability and goals. (includes meditation and breathwork)


What to wear to a session:
Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and bend in. Nothing restrictive or uncomfortable.

I’m pregnant. Can I still schedule an appointment?

This will depend on the type of appointment. Reiki and meditation are both perfectly safe for mother-to-be. As for yoga (which includes restorative, vinyasa, & couple’s connection), we advise you to ask your doctor before starting any new physical practice. If your doctor has given you the clear, the practitioner must know what trimester you are in when you make your appointment.

Can people with limited mobility practice yoga?
Yoga can be as active or passive as the practitioner desires, and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or mobility.

Is it possible to combine different services?

Absolutely! If you see services that you would like to combine we are happy to make that happen. Whether it is combining meditation with sound therapy or breathwork with yin yoga, we can personalize your sessions. You simply need to speak with Julia to arrange the appropriate length for the session and pricing.