CMO Corner- Orange County Covid Updates for December

Did you know Flintstone Vitamin D is only sold in one city in the United Arab Emirates? Citizens in other cities refuse to eat them. But Abu Dhabi Do! As the Covid numbers spike, I feel it may be time for a little humor…yes, I know what you’re saying…very little! There are three questions I am continually asked,…

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Covid Facts About Transmission- A Message from our CMO

Close up of medical glove and hand holding covid antibody test

In a very different era, before the Jimmies and even Jay, we had Johnny. And my favorite version of Johnny was “Carnac the Magnificent.” Carnac was a seer who, in full turban, would give the answers to a sealed question. Confused? It went something like this…. Covid-19, Al Capone, and Plaquenil.(The envelope tears open….) “Name an…

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