Covid Blog 2021 Physicals Orange County

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With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan, this is for all you Pirates of Penzance fans who have had to deal with the pandemic over the last year. Pirates of Pandemic Patter(to be sung at a rapid tempo) After all the quarantine it’s time to move around, even danceAsk Gilbert and Sullivan; sing along to Pirates of Penzance You…

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Orange County Exclusive Caduceus Interview with “Cov”

cartoon of medical provider with syringe innoculating covid molecule

(The author directs readers to watch the films Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, and The Producers prior to reading this blog. Failure to do so may cause credit-or blame- to be given to the author when it should be directed to Mr. Brooks.) “Life is a play- We’re unrehearsed”–Mel Brooks Our loyal patients probably know Caduceus was the first medical group…

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