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Latest Patient Center Updates

  • It's Our 20th Year Anniversary!

    In honor of our 20th year anniversary, Caduceus is highlighting employees each month that have been with our group since its inception.

    July/August Honorees-

    Marcy Toner , Senior VP of Finance

    Marcy has been working for Caduceus since our inception in 1999.  She was the VP of Operations for the Yorba Linda Family Practice office for 16 years from 1998 ā€“ 2014 and then transferred to the position of Senior VP of Finance in 2014 when the CFO retired.
    Previous to that position, She worked directly with CMO Dr. DeNicola, Dr. Hall, Dr. May, and Dr. Ponzio since 1983 at Yorba Linda Family Physicians nights and weekends while she was attending Cal State Fullerton to get her BA in Business Administration.
    Marcy is always cheerful and upbeat and is such a company advocate as she has spent more than 35 years working with the same group of people; they are her family!

    Martha Rodriguez, Senior Utilization Manager 

    Martha started with Caduceus at our original location in Tustin.  She moved to our current Yorba Linda offices in the Packing House Square and managed front office duties for primary care, specialty, behavioral health, and ancillary services. 

    Martha relocated across the parking lot to our administrative business offices to assume a managerial role almost fifteen years ago. 

    On behalf of the Caduceus family Martha, thanks sincerely for all you do! 

  • $ 25 Sports Physicals

    Summer is here and so is our special promotion for camp and sports physicals! A sports physical is known as a pre-participation physical examination. The exam helps determine whether it's safe for your child to participate in a certain activity. Even if a sports physical isn't required, doctors still highly recommend getting one. Reg. $50 Exp. 8-31-19 Schedule today.

  • Message from our CMO

    We wanted to bring to to the attention to our patients some concerning recent online activity in the "anti-vaccination" community attempting to disparage local pediatric practices. After diligent research our team has confirmed that several online reviews/posts about Caduceus were neither existing patients nor family members of patients. We believe these to be a fictitious posts. Caduceus 4 Kids and all of our pediatric providers follow all AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and pediatric immunization schedules.

    The maximum number of pediatric vaccinations that would be given concurrently is four and follows the above CDC and AAP recommendations.  Claims that there were as many as 12 given to one our pediatric patients is not only false but also irresponsible and defamatory.  These posts support other online research discovered by our team and feedback from other local pediatric offices that also have been subjected to baseless and irresponsible reviews and claims from these individuals with their own agendas.  We kindly ask you ignore these reviews and if you discover any posted on other sites/platforms please contact patient support at [email protected]

    Gregg DeNicola MD
    Chief Medical Officer

  • Video Visits

    Save a trip to the office and schedule a video visit with your Caduceus provider right from your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can schedule one SAME DAY or for a future date- whatever your preference!


    Schedule your future video visit.
    If you prefer one SAME DAY email us at [email protected].

  • Current 2019 Caduceus Recommendations

    Our physicians and Chief Medical Officer Gregg DeNicola MD recommend the following medical guidelines for our patients:

    Ages 21,30,35, every other year between 40 and 50, and annually over 50.

    Age 21, then ACOG guidelines: Age 21-29: Pap every 3 years, HPV not recommended.
    Age 30-65: Pap & HPV every five years

    Every other year starting at age 40 until age 50 and then annually. Acceptable to stop at age 75.

    Every 10 years beginning at age 50. Acceptable to stop at age 75.

    In females annually beginning with menopause or age 50, whiver is first and annually after.

    Annually if you are a high risk- History of severe atypia, personal history of skin cancer, or a first degree relative with melanoma.

  • Medicare A-Zā€¦ We've Got you Covered!

    If you are turning 65 and newly enrolled in Medicare, dissatisfied with your existing Medicare Advantage plan, or just have general questions regarding your coverage... we are here to help! Watch our video ā€œMedicare A-Z.ā€ We can also schedule a meeting for you with our in-house Medicare expert for private consultation.

    Below is a summary of what Caduceus offers our seniors at NO COST and details that were discussed at the event:

    • We sit down with you and show you how Medicare works.
    • We educate you on ALL of your plan options.
    • We teach you how each plan benefit will work.
    • We input all of your drugs into the system to see which plans will cover your prescriptions at the lowest cost.
    • We make sure that you choose a plan your physicians accept.
    • We make sure you are placed with a network that will allow you to use the hospitals of their choice.
    • We answer any questions that you have.
    • We will help you apply for extra help if needed (low income subsidy).
    • We give each senior an annual benefit review to ensure you are always on a plan that fits all of your needs.

    Email us at [email protected] to arrange a meeting at one of our office locations - Yorba Linda, Tustin, Irvine, or Laguna Beach.