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Farshad Nowzari, MD, FACS

By editor
May 25, 2018

Dr. Farshad Nowzari is a board-certified urologist and fellow of America College of Surgeons. He received his medical degree at George Washington University with honors in 1995 and completed his residency in genitourinary surgery. He subsequently went on to complete a mini-fellowship training in minimally invasive urologic surgeries with one of the world renowned experts in the field at University of California, Irvine.  He has special interests in minimally invasive urologic surgeries in treatment of urological oncology, laser treatment of urinary tract stones, laser prostate and bladder surgeries, impotence, male hypogonadism, male infertility, post-menopausal vaginal disorders & female urinary incontinence.

Dr. Nowzari's approach to medical care is to personalize and craft a customized treatment plan with the patient.  Most urological conditions bring out sensitive issues that require honest two-way discussions without fear of embarrassment. Treatment is not just about a disease but how the disease affects that patient's life and this tailored approach has been an effective plan to provide the most optimal patient experience.

Dr. Nowzari enjoys outdoor activities and community work in his spare time.

He sees patients at our Irvine office, Caduceus Jamboree.