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Message from our CMO

By editor
June 4, 2019

We wanted to bring to to the attention to our patients some concerning recent online activity in the "anti-vaccination" community attempting to disparage local pediatric practices. After diligent research our team has confirmed that several online reviews/posts about Caduceus were neither existing patients nor family members of patients. We believe these to be a fictitious posts. Caduceus 4 Kids and all of our pediatric providers follow all AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and pediatric immunization schedules.

The maximum number of pediatric vaccinations that would be given concurrently is four and follows the above CDC and AAP recommendations.  Claims that there were as many as 12 given to one our pediatric patients is not only false but also irresponsible and defamatory.  These posts support other online research discovered by our team and feedback from other local pediatric offices that also have been subjected to baseless and irresponsible reviews and claims from these individuals with their own agendas.  We kindly ask you ignore these reviews and if you discover any posted on other sites/platforms please contact patient support at [email protected]

Gregg DeNicola MD
Chief Medical Officer

Patient Center Updates


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