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May 3, 2023
Join us for "Dinner with the Docs" Skin Screening Event

Our most popular event returns! The "Dinner with the Docs" pre-summer "What's that Spot on My Skin" presentation and complimentary skin screening  is back and our team of medical professionals HAS YOUR BACK... and shoulders... and face... well you get it! Learn more from our CEO Gregg DeNicola MD about early detection and prevention of skin cancer for yourself and your family.

The event is also timed to coincide with May and National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month.  With over 5 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year, skin cancer is America’s most common cancer. Fortunately, skin cancer is also one of the most preventable cancers. Our Dinner with the Docs talk is a community service eager to spread awareness about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and encouraging people to check their skin for warning signs.

Space is limited so email or call 714-646-8058 to RSVP today! RSVP's are required and you need NOT be a patient to attend; the event is open to the public.  

What- "Dinner with the Docs" Presentation and Complimentary Skin Screenings
When- Wed. May 31st 5:30 pm
Where- 18200 Yorba Linda Blvd. Ste 250 (Caduceus Family Physicians event center) Level Two

Dinner is provided. Reserve your spot today! 
Confirm Your RSVP
Now Offering Dedicated Appointment Line

You spoke and we listened!  To improve the patient experience reaching us by phone, we now have a toll-free dedicated appointment line, 844-807-8558.  The fastest way to reserve an appointment is still utilizing our self-booking option on the appointments page on our website or an appointment request directly through your secure encrypted patient portal account, and now we have added even more accessibility for appointments on the dedicated line.

Please note this line is for appointments ONLY, any other requests like refills, referrals, lab results, or medical questions for your physicians should all be submitted through your patient portal or by calling the direct office lines

We rely on your feedback and our solemn promise to YOU is we will always strive to improve the patient experience! 

Hypnotherapy + Managing Stress & Anxiety 

Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental health disorder among US adults and if left untreated, the ways in which your body and mind respond can be exacerbated by the lack of healthy coping skills? These responses could be physical, such as muscle tension and jaw clenching, or mental, like negative self-talk. Hypnotherapy can help. 
In hypnotherapy, we’re undoing these bad habits and replacing them with healthier, more effective scripts. The goal is to tackle things at a subconscious level, meaning the automatic processes that happen in our minds and bodies when we find ourselves stressed or anxious — sometimes we aren’t even aware of these because they’re so ingrained in us! Once you have the tools, you can apply them to any stressful or anxiety-inducting situation that arises.  
What happens in a hypnotherapy session? In your first meeting, the hypnotherapist will ask how you’re currently managing your stress and anxiety. What have you tried? What has or hasn’t worked? What are your triggers? Then you’ll get to experience a hypnotherapy session, during which your body is relaxed and the mind is alert to receive post hypnotic suggestions on how to better respond to your triggers. 
Because you’re more relaxed, alert, and open to suggestions during hypnosis, you’re more likely to automatically use those new (and better) techniques in your day to day life. You’ll also see what it’s like to calm the body and mind. It reinforces the concept that you are in control, no one else; this power relies within you. 
So, how fast can you expect results? It depends on a variety of factors like how chronic the stress is and whatever the root issue of your stress and anxiety may be. Likewise, it also depends how great of a student you are. Those who are present in each session and put in the work in between sessions will see faster and better results. 
However, stress and anxiety is evergreen. Maybe your previous coping mechanisms are no longer effective or actually getting in the way, or you need to work with a hypnotherapist to combat an issue that wasn’t prevalent prior. Don’t hesitate to schedule a tune-up with your hypnotherapist. Whoever complained of feeling calm and relaxed anyway? Learn more.
Did you know hypnotherapy can also help manage habit control (like smoking or nail biting), insomnia, and weight control? Book a 10 minute complimentary consultation with our in-house hypnotherapist. 

Our community behavioral health affiliate, Chiron Psychological Inc., is here to help!  Call 714-646-8034 to discuss how hypnosis may be an effective therapy. 
Reserve Your Complimentary Consult

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