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January Newsletter

By editor
January 28, 2020

Check out the latest updates this month!

Image of doctor smiling wearing white lab coat
We are happy to announce Dr. Joseph Longnecker is Caduceus Medical Group's newest Family Practice provider and board-certified Pediatrician.  -Parents love him so much that he has seen even three generations of families. -He has a 5 STAR rating on -He's been practicing in North Orange County for 35+ years.

Read his bio.

Dr. Longnecker's practice will be at The Life Center(TLC) and he will begin seeing patients Monday, Feb. 10th.  Reserve an appointment.  
Insurance mandate block
Uninsured Californians who think the 2017 repeal of the federal tax on people who refuse to obtain health insurance takes them off the hook could face a painful surprise when they pay their 2020 state taxes. A new California law that went into effect earlier this month resuscitates the requirement that people obtain health coverage or face tax penalties. An adult who is uninsured in 2020 face could be hit with a state tax charge of $695 or 2.5% of his or her gross income. A family of four could pay a penalty of at least $2,085. Covered California contended the new subsidies and the penalties are part of the reason sign-ups are up in an enrollment season that ends on Jan. 31.

HOW IT WORKS- Households could pay a flat fine — $695 for each uninsured adult and $347.50 for each child — or 2.5% of their income, whichever is higher. The penalties will be paid to the California Franchise Tax Board when 2020 taxes are paid in the year 2021.

WHO IS EXEMPT- People uninsured for no more than three consecutive months are exempt. People who don't make enough to file state taxes also avoid penalties as do households where coverage cost would be more than 8.24% of income.
  Other exemptions include general hardships that can range from bankruptcy to death of a loved one, membership to a group that relies solely on religious methods of healing, incarceration, and membership in a federally recognized American Indian tribe. WHAT ARE THE DEADLINES? Open enrollment for Covered California ends on Jan. 31 though late enrollment is an option for people who meet exemptions that range from being newly married to recently moving to California. 

Email patient support with any questions! 
Source: VC Star, part of USA Today 
Image of stethoscope health check reminder
Our physicians and Chief Medical Officer Gregg DeNicola MD recommend the following medical guidelines for our patients this year:

Ages 21,30,35, and every other year between 40 and 50, and annually over 50. (including Lipids, A1C, PSA, Thyroid, Blood count and general chemistries). 

Age 21, then ACOG guidelines: Age 21-29: Pap every 3 years, HPV not recommended.
Age 30-65: Pap & HPV every five years.

Every other year starting at age 40 until age 50 and then annually. Acceptable to stop at age 75.

Every 10 years beginning at age 50. Acceptable to stop at age 75.

In females every 1-2 years after menopause or age 50, whichever is first.

Annually if you are a high risk (otherwise it will be part of your annual physical exam)- History of severe atypia, personal history of skin cancer, first degree relative with melanoma, history of prolonged sun exposure or sunburns, fair skin, blonde/red hair or blue/green eyes.

Stay healthy in 2020 and reserve your visit for an annual physical, a well woman, and any screenings for your sex/age range today! 
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