Covid 19 Universal Antibody Testing

An Important Message from Our CMO

If you have been following our blogs since the Covid-19 pandemic started, you know our mantra:
If you are concerned you have Covid-19, it’s the swab. If you think you’ve had it, it’s the antibody blood test. For possible proof of immunity, it’s the antibody.
In doing over 1,500 antibody tests over the last few weeks, we have found good accuracy-over 95%. But will a positive IgG antibody really translate into immunity going forth?
We should know in the next 90 days, as our cities reopen. 
Unfortunately, we are seeing only a 4% positive rate from all we test. The vision that the antibody tests would unveil a large population immune from the virus has been a delusion, and only by knowing the antibody status of everyone going out in the community will we collect the data necessary to plan the next steps of this devastating pandemic.
Therefore, as Chief Medical Officer, I am calling on ALL Caduceus patients to consent to having an antibody test.
To assist in this undertaking, we will be requesting you to agree to a test and our medical staff will add this test at the time of each blood draw done at a Caduceus location. 
Results take 15 minutes, and you will be offered to wait, or to go home and we can message you back same day in your secure patient portal account the results.  If you prefer us to contact you by phone or email instead we can do that too. 
Whether you choose to have the test or not, please keep directing your Covid-19 questions, comments, kudos, and critiques to us.
For medical questions about this blog post you can email
To make an appointment for a video visit from your phone for Covid-19 antibody or any other medical needs, please email our appointments team at
For any other general questions or assistance please email us at
We take every email seriously and foresee the current advice to be a small portion of this saga – as we evolve in these uncharted waters.

Gregg DeNicola MD
Chief Medical Officer
Caduceus Medical Group