How It Works

Covid 19 PCR Diagnostic Swab/Antibody Screening and Curbside Testing

  1. See the doctor from your phone
    Email us at to schedule a telehealth Covid screening. You do not have to be symptomatic to qualify. We test everyone in the community that wants to be tested. If you have insurance we will attempt to bill for you to see if your health plan is covering Covid testing. If you are uninsured or your health plan is not offering Covid testing or only if you are symptomatic view cash price packages.

    Close up of mobile phone in hand doing video call with doctor

  2. Testing
    After the video visit, your Caduceus provider will direct you to the closest testing location to you and a staff member will meet you outside to perform the swab from your vehicle. We offer curbside testing no appointment necessary at the following locations: Yorba Linda (behind Family Practice Suite 201) M-F 8-4, PDQ Urgent Care and More M-F 8-6, Caduceus Jamboree Irvine Tue/Thurs 9-11 and 2-4, and Caduceus on Thalia Laguna Beach Mon/Wed/Fri 9-11 and 2-4.

    Medical staff under pop up tent doing covid testing

  3. A staff member will follow up with you once we receive the results.

    Close up of medical glove and hand holding covid antibody test


To schedule your video visit send an email to or click the button below.

To prepare for your video visit, please go the App Store or Google Play and search for Hipaabridge from your mobile phone and create an account. This is the secure encrypted platform we use to initiate the video call. A staff member will contact you a few minutes prior to start the visit with your provider.

If you do have an older version/phone model that is incompatible with the Hipaabridge app, iOS devices (Apple) can do a regular Facetime call as a back up plan and Android users can download Google Duo. If you do not have a mobile phone and cannot borrow one from anyone else in your household, you can also go to Hipaabridge portal and set up an account from a laptop or desktop. Please note that a mobile phone will provide the best connection and please use this option as a last resort.

Regardless of your chosen device, please make sure you are either in an area that has good reception with your carrier or a strong WIFI connection.

If you already have previously had a video visit and already have a Hipaabridge account then you are good to go! If you have forgotten your password, you can reset here and choose "I forgot my password."

Lastly our technical support team is here to help! If you are still experiencing issues creating an account or logging in to your existing one, email and we will contact you to resolve!

Test Type How Collected Result Time Covered by Insurance Cash price
PCR Swab Nasal cavity 3 Days Covered*.
*Check your plan to see if you must be symptomatic for your health plan to cover.
Expedited PCR Swab Nasal cavity 24-48 hours No. $189
Antibody- Low Complexity Fingerstick Same day

  • PPO
  • Medicare*
  • Medi-Cal*

*For Medicare or Medi-Cal through an HMO plan please check with your plan member services department.

$75 if insurance does not cover
Venipuncture (Blood
draw from arm)
Next day

  • PPO
  • Medicare*
  • Medi-Cal*

*For Medicare or Medi-Cal through an HMO plan please check with your plan member services department.

$85 if insurance does not cover