Corporate On-Site Covid Employee Testing Orange County

Caduceus is here to help your business! We were one of the first medical providers in Southern California to offer Covid-19 testing for our patients and the community and are now providing this same level of service for your business. The program is also available to those businesses outside of Orange County. Our corporate employee testing programs are customizable depending on your needs.

Here are some of the highlights:

-Covid-19 testing for asymptomatic employees to provide initial clearance for return to work

-We can help determine BOTH if employee is possibly contagious and any possible immunity

-Our mobile team comes to your location OR you can send employees as needed to one of our locations

-Covid-19 Continuity Program- Your ongoing access to test/screen employee health status

-Corporate Wellness Program for your employees, including ongoing access to telehealth visits to help you maintain staffing and productivity levels

-Email or call 714-646-8058 for pricing and to schedule your corporate testing today.

Corporate Packages Price Per Employee
On-Site Covid PCR Only $300
On-Site Antibody Test Only $150
On-Site PCR & Antibody Combo $375
At Caduceus PCR Only $200
At Caduceus Antibody Test Only $75
At Caduceus PCR & Antibody Combo $250
Test Type How Collected Result Time
PCR Swab Nasal cavity 2-3 Days
Antibody Fingerstick Same day