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Contact Your Office

If you have a question or need assistance on an issue that cannot wait to be addressed same day through the patient portal, please use the numbers below to reach the office at your desired location.

Patient Support Hotlines-

Yorba Linda-
• Yorba Linda Primary Care (YLFP)- 714-986-6940, (Formerly) Dr. Longnecker patients- 714-874-4336
• Caduceus for Kids & Caduceus 4 Kids Urgent Care- 714-986-6880
• Caduceus for Women- 714-986-6884
• Specialty- 657-275-2378

Other Locations-
• Irvine- 657- 275-2138
• Laguna -949-482-9699

Other Departments-
-Telones (Billing)- 714-646-8000
-Chiron Psychological Inc.- 714-646-8034
-Medical Records- 714-577-6003