December Patient Newsletter Orange County

-A New Year Means New Deductible-

If you have met your deductible amount for this year and you have been putting off a needed doctor’s visit for yourself or a family member, save yourself out-of-pocket costs and schedule a visit before the end of the year. Once your deductible is met, your health care appointments, procedures, and tests may be covered in full. Come January, you will have new deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for that doctor’s visit. If there's money left in your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) spend it on eligible expenses, then submit those receipts before your employer's deadline (usually December 31) to get reimbursed.

Schedule your annual check-up with your primary care providerStaying on top of your health is important and your primary care provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) will help you stay healthy and manage any medical conditions and any needed health screenings based on sex and age. Most health insurance plans cover the full cost of your annual checkup. 

Stay current with annual well woman visitsPap smears should start annually at age 21, then ACOG guidelines recommend ages 21-29 every three years with high-risk human papillomavirus (HR HPV) as indicated.  At ages 30-65, a pap & HPV is recommended every five years. Mammograms are recommended every 1-2 years starting at age 40 until age 50 and then annually. Acceptable to stop at age 75.  Screening may begin prior to age 40 based on individual risk factors.

-Santa is Coming to the Packing House Yorba Linda-

Save yourself valuable time this holiday season and skip the mall to visit with Santa! Bring your little ones to share their Christmas wish lists (only for those that have been NICE of course!).

Santa Visiting Hours at Caduceus at the Packing House Yorba Linda-

Where: First Floor Main Lobby
When: 3-5 pm (Tues. Dec. 12, Thurs. Dec. 14, Tues. Dec. 19)

Every child will receive a complimentary gift from Santa WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 

The holiday season brings lots of goodwill and cheer and staff and patients alike look forward to the festive holiday window painting by the Girl Scouts Yorba Linda West! 

November Patient Newsletter Orange County

Meet our New Internal Medicine Physician-

We are excited to welcome Dr. Smitha Sathyaprakash to Caduceus Family Physicians. Dr. Sathyaprakash is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with a passion for providing comprehensive healthcare to patients 18 years of age and up. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Central Michigan University. With nine years of clinical experience, she offers expertise in diagnosing and managing a wide range of adult medical conditions. She is committed to delivering patient-centered care, emphasizing preventive and Obesity medicine, and building strong doctor-patient relationships to promote overall well-being.

She sees patients at Caduceus at the Packing House in Yorba Linda and Caduceus Jamboree in Irvine.

The influenza vaccine is still available now at all Caduceus locations while supplies last. You can cut your risk of coming down with the flu by about half by simply getting vaccinated. And if you’re vaccinated and still get the flu, it’s likely to be a much shorter, less severe case. You'll need a flu shot each year as the strains of the viruses change and evolve from one flu season to the next.

Everyone should get it: age 6 months and older. It is especially crucial for the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and individuals with underlying health conditions. Influenza, a common respiratory illness, can have severe consequences, especially for vulnerable populations. The flu vaccine is updated annually to target the specific strains expected to circulate during the flu season. Of note, pregnant women should not receive the nasal spray version of the vaccine.

Stop by our flu vaccine clinic:

- Caduceus Family Physicians- Packing House at Yorba Linda 18200 Yorba Linda Boulevard Suite 250 (Red Cross Tent)
Monday-Friday 9-11:30 am

-PDQ Urgent Care & More- 18220 Yorba Linda Boulevard Suite 301 (Behind Suite) Drive-Thru Hours- Monday-Friday 1:30-3 pm

Current 2023 Caduceus Screening and Testing Guidelines

Our physicians, Medical Director Nathaniel DeNicola MD, and Chief Medical Officer Gregg DeNicola MD recommend the following medical screenings and testing for our patients this year:


Ages 21,30,35, and every other year between 40 and 50, and annually over 50. (including lipids, A1C, PSA, thyroid, blood count and general chemistries).


Age 21, then ACOG guidelines: Age 21-29: Pap every 3 years, HPV not recommended.

Age 30-65: Pap & HPV every five years.


Every other year starting at age 40 until age 50 and then annually. Acceptable to stop at age 75.


Every 10 years beginning at age 45. Acceptable to stop at age 75.


In females every 1-2 years after menopause or age 50, whichever is first.


Screening abdominal ultrasound for men ages 65-75 with a history of tobacco use.


Annually if you are a high risk (otherwise it will be part of your annual physical exam)- History of severe atypia, personal history of skin cancer, first degree relative with melanoma, history of prolonged sun exposure or sunburns, fair skin, blonde/red hair or blue/green eyes.